Heaters Available for Rent | Slaymaker Group Rentals and Supply


The following is a partial list of equipment we have for rent.

New equipment being added weekly.

For availability and rates, please call (717) 684-5050.

Heaters for Rent


Heaters available for rent include the following:

BTUs Description
30 – 33k Infrared Tank Top LP Heater
58k Infrared, Diesel or Kerosene
99k – 126k Infrared Diesel or Kerosene
99k – 146k Infrared, Diesel or Kerosene
125k LP Heater, Forced Air
140k Infrared, Diesel or Kerosene
150k Forced Air, Propane
165k Torpedo Heater, Diesel or Kerosene
75k-250k Vertical Open Flame Can Heater
276k IDF Heater, Diesel or Kerosene
300k LP Heater, Forced Air
500k IDF Heater, Diesel or Kerosene

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